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Wiring Harness

Good mourning everyone. Would like some opinions on wiring harnesses. I used a Painless Wirng Harness when I built my 34' 3W. My good friend used a Kwick Wire Harness in his 40' Chevy. Anybody used an American Autowire harness? Or a Speedway Harness?
Would appreciate comments pro and/or con.
I have installed almost all of them....it does not really matter which you buy, the quality is fairly equal. Check the options that come with the one you choose, American Autowire has kits that include ignitiion switch, headlight switch and other options, the key is to do one wire at a time, take your time and route the wires as tidy as possible, buy a few thousand 3" tie wraps and don't be afraid to put them on as you work and then cut them to add more wires to keep it tidy. make a plan as to where you want to run the wires and try to sort them into small bundles before you start.