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Kamikazi Beetle

Robin Linn, from Bucyrus, Ohio, built and drove this VW Beetle until an accident on August 2, 1975, at U.S. 30 Dragway put him in a wheelchair.
Billed as the "Most unique Funny Car show ever" the "show" was to get up to speed and then lift the back wheels high up in the air. The rear end lift was created by lowering an extra set of wheels hydraulically in the middle of the car.
A massive smoke screen was used to hide the extra set of wheels from view. This gave spectators the illusion that the car was lifting off the rear and running on its front wheels alone. (From the looks of the wheels I'm guessing an Olds front drive setup)
On the fateful pass at about 110 mph something happened and he started flipping end over end. That flimsy looking roll bar either didn't do the job as Linn was left a paraplegic - or - it did do the job and saved his life... You be the judge
Linn would be in a coma for 6 weeks before waking up. He then expressed the intent to go to Russia for spinal cord surgery... The story goes cold from there
Robin also stated he was going to build a Wheelstander that he could drive without the use of his legs
Heavily plagiarized from: https://wheelstanders.webnode.com/copy-of-1960s/