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Wayne Henderson's incredibly detailed, Cleveland-powered, black Victoria, stock-bodied with polished, real magnesium Halibrand Sprints and a classic stance was a car that was so elegant, tasteful and flawless that its debut put a lot of experienced hot rod builders into a state of shock. First featured in the September, 1974 issues of Hot Rod Magazine and Street Rodder, Henderson's Victoria has appeared in numerous magazines and calendars since then.

If I had to pick the most beautiful 1932 Ford closed car of all time, or for that matter, the most outstanding closed hot rod in history, Henderson's car would easily get my vote. But the funny thing is, aside from the wheels and tires and the lowering, the outside of the car was stock, right down to the headlight bar and headlights, the upholstered roof insert, the cowl lamps, the bumpers, a sought-after 25-louver hood, and even a luggage rack. Every detail on Wayne's car was perfect, the result of being created by a master bodyman with very good taste who decided to take his time.

In the November, 1973 issue of Rod & Custom, Wayne put the car up for sale for $8,000. Now owned by Tom Richardson of Mercer, Wisconsin, this car was a heartbreaker.
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