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VW Beetles

I bought this 66 bug new while in the Army in July 1966. The last of the 6 volt VWs. I kept it for almost 40 years before selling it to a high schooler. Needless to say, I modified it many times. Although it is a 66 I put 67 front fenders on it (for those with sharp vision) Rucker1966.jpg VW Pictures 002.jpg VW Pictures 003.jpg VW Pictures 010.jpg VW Pictures 011.jpg VW Pictures 007.jpg .
Sounds like a project for your daughter to drive!
That flashed through my mind, but I am hoping more to pass maybe the chevy II wagon or the T Tudor on to her. Also, she likes HOT rods. Loud, solid lifters, Lots of gear. she adores my S10, no interest in looking at it, thinks it’s ugly, but MAN, she LOVES riding in it, listening to it, getting crossed up off a WOT 1-2 shift, or loping and clattering through the school parking lot. She so gets it on a visceral level, it’s gotta be genetic. I honestly don’t think a mildly hopped up bug would have enough balls to hold her interest for long.