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Varni/Walsh/Walsh/Cusack Roadster


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The Dennis Varni/John Walsh/Tom Walsh/Tom Cusack roadster has set numerous records over the years, and has put 4 different drivers (Dennis Varni, Tom Walsh, John Walsh, & Justin Walsh) into the prestigious 200 MPH club. Powered by a Cub Barnett-prepared supercharge BBC, the "333" roadster is still the current record holder in 3 Blown Street Roadster classes:
  • AA/BSTR: 232.621 MPH - Tom Walsh @ SPEED WEEK '91
  • A/BSTR: 241.327 MPH - Justin Walsh @ USFRA WOS '12
  • B/BSTR: 241.137 MPH - Justin Walsh @ SPEED WEEK '08
3Bonny.jpg 2015-09-02_23-24-58.jpg 20368-1222754828-e310f72c1968d963bdefe1cd07b6c463.jpg
That last photo is of the first time on the salt for the car as witnessed by the smooth cowl. When the car set a record other AA/SR competitors cried foul saying it was an illegal body modification to remove the windshield stop the original Ford design had. Look closely at the second photo and you can see the added fiberglass w/s stop that was made and fastened on to satisfy the cry babies. BTW, they went out and reset the record again with that in place.
Success is the best form of revenge.
I believe I met Dennis Varni on the Rod father Tour in 2012. We were at the Roadster Shop and discussed various routes to get to the next stop at Billet Specialties. Of course he was wearing his 200 MPH Club hat and driving his AMBR. Just another friendly rodder. What a great hobby!
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