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Tom Prufer's chopped, flamed, and very black three-window highboy with a 3.5-gallon Moon tank, Limefire headers, chrome hairpins, polished Halibrands and some very hot flames done by Rod Powell, debuted in early 1989 at the Grand National Roadster Show. This coupe was first pictured on page 20 of the June 1989 issue of Rod & Custom magazine. It's a mean-looking rod that you'll sometimes see on subscription forms in Rod & Custom. The car just looks right.

If you could see all of the superb cars he's built over the years, and the degree of taste and craftsmanship in them, you'd understand why Tom would get my vote as the ultimate hot rodder of all time. He has always used the finest parts on his cars, and readily admits that he has had help from the most talented people.

At the Grand National Roadster Show in 1993, Tom debuted a new '32 three-window with red paint, and his signature Halibrand magnesium wheels, Limefire headers, and Moon tank. A similar red coupe debuted at the 1999 show, with more of Rod Powell's classic yellow flames, red-painted vintage magnesium Halibrands with polished knockoffs, and an outstanding engraved dash insert. This also has been sold so Tom can build "just one more".
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