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For those of you with a discerning eye you recognize the legendary Carroll Shelby in his Ferrari talking to that attractive young lady. What you might not recognize is that the race Shelby ran and won in was at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida airport road course in 1957. The NSB event, labeled as Volusia County's first-ever sports-car race, would be sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America and "hosted" by Paul Whiteman, a famed American bandleader from a few decades earlier who'd been dubbed "The King of Jazz." He was also a racing buff who regularly attended the Daytona Beach events and naturally became friends with France. The airport course had eight-turns over its 2.4-mile length and attracted about 100 drivers. Two years later the new Daytona International Speedway would open. FB_IMG_1580670289144.jpg
Le Mans 1966. Graham Hill makes clearly taking no prisoners at the start in the Alan Mann Racing Mk2 GT40 with (I think) thre Guichet/Bandini Ferrari P3 yet to move. (I should know who took this photo as it's been in several books but can't recall at the moment. Posted on Pintrest)
Rich MacDonald and sister Sherry Gravett MacDonald.
March 2-3 1963. A month after my father drove the iconic Cobra to its first wins (at Riverside) the Shelby American team headed to Dodger Stadium to debut the new 289ci powered Cobras and my dad swept the Saturday/Sunday races again. Ken Miles finished 2nd again both days for another 1-2 weekend Cobra sweep.

My father was now five races into his Shelby American career with four Overall wins and one GT Class win (at Daytona). I think he proved to be a pretty good hire for Carroll.

My beautiful HAPPY mother was there again to share in the celebration. Amazing! photos by Dave Friedman, Gordon Chittenden & Allen Kuhn.
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