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The Hot Rods of Jim 'Jake' Jacobs

Com'on Guys,
Some one reading knows Jake.
I know he's not into computers...… He's working!
I thought maybe somebody here had some intel... Anybody?
Hello everyone. I was wandering around the Internet and came across this site.

To answer Uncle Ronns question concerning the '32's Jake talks about in the Pete & Jake book,
Jake still owns the Roadster, I own the Tudor Sedan.

Jake is currently working on his Model A roadster, it recently returned from the trim shop.
Very nice ! Have you made any progress on the build ?
I've made progress in I have collected a lot of the parts and pieces for the build.
As far as putting it together and finishing, unfortunately a lot of life has got in the way in the last dozen or so years that I've owned it.
It's in my basement. Whenever I'm down there I tend to look at it and build it in my head.
I've recently had thoughts of moving it along. Although I know I'll never be able to come close to replacing it.
How many Deuces have been owned/chopped by Jake? And that your able to own yourself?
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It looks like it's already been chopped in this photo.


It was chopped when Jake/PWood got it. But, it was poorly executed, it leaned to the right.
So much so, the passenger door wouldn't close.
So Jake proceeded to take the top off, secure some pieces from the Kennedy Bros that were left over from one of their chops,
and put it back on with his touch. Needless to say it’s, typical Jake, perfect.
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