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The Hot Rods of Jim 'Jake' Jacobs


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Jim Jacobs has a long history in hot rodding, from working at Ed Roth's, writing for R&C, co-owning a hot rod shop, and building iconic hot rods. For a history on Jake, read the book 'Hot Rods by Pete & Jake'.

This is the first one of his hot rods I saw in person, at the 1973 Tulsa NSRA Nats. Pic by yours truly, using a cheapo camera...


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Jake has built some of my favorite hot rods, notably his last A pickup, his A panel, and of course the '34 3-window. I did not know that he had any deuce projects, other than the chassis work he did with Bobby Walden.
Yep Tom,

In the book HOT RODS BY PETE AND JAKE he mentions all the cars he has been building since high school and never owning a 32, and finding himself on two personal deuce projects! (page 139)

The book ,(published with Tony Thacker ) has a 1992 publish date though...
Com'on Guys,
Some one reading knows Jake.
I know he's not into computers...… He's working!
I thought maybe somebody here had some intel... Anybody?