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Texas T Originally built by the late Jim Ewing.
Photo by Rodders Journal View attachment 426
The wheelstand picture from the Hot rod article hung on my wall when I was in elementary school, one of the half dozen or so T buckets that influenced me as a kid to want to someday build a T-Bucket, Dick Thompsons, Penrys, DeBenidictus', and Andys with the Himsl paint being the others. Dennis DeBenidictus car being #1, when I was a kid at least.

As I aged, I started to feel the DeBenidictus car had a little too much gingerbread for my taste, and in later years, started to be more influenced by the minimalist functionality of Penrys car, but it was the DeBenidictus car and the Monogram "Swee'T" model kit that started it all.
Not only is this a great looking T, it has a rare injected Pontiac, nicely detailed too! View attachment 2827 g
That’s Richard Thompson’s car, do you remember when Rod & Custom was combined with Hot Rod briefly in 1971,they featured a really nice black fenderless t-bucket styled T-touring with an f-85 olds with Weber’s? That was also his car. He built some REALLY nice stuff. If this car didn’t have the cowl lights, it would probably be my all time favourite t bucket.