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I found this interesting story, regarding Tom Jobe, on the "Can-Am 50th Anniversary" FB Page.
One of my great regrets is that I didn't find Tom Jobe until after Can-Am 50th Anniversary was published. Jobe was the last surviving member of the Surfers — the name was ironic, none of them surfed — the team that revolutionized Top Fuel drag racing in the mid-1960s. Childhood friend Bob Skinner was the other engineering wizard. Mike Sorokin drove. They broke up soon after their greatest success and Sorokin was killed behind the wheel of another rail a short time later, but Jobe and Skinner went on to become the back room Svengalis behind a number of the biggest upsets in racing history, including John Cannon's improbable win at the 1968 Laguna Seca Can-Am and Francois Cevert's shock triumph over the turbo Porsches at the 1972 Donnybrooke Can-Am when Skinner outsmarted Roger Penske. (Yeah, that doesn't happen very often.) I got to know Jobe in the last few years and I always looked forward to our conversations. Great man. Great mind. Great loss to the motorsports community.