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The old Bedspring / Williams Creek Canyon Suspension Bridge on the old Shawnigan Lake to Port Renfew Road in the 60`s, 70`s and 80`s that many of you will remember. It was 200 feet up from the canyon floor below and would move around like crazy while you drove over it!
This is on Vancouver Island, in BC.and they drove loaded logging trucks over this bridge on a daily basis.😯
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There was a similar bridge in my grandmother's town of Tishomingo, OK. Growing up, I remember my cousin racing across the bridge and slamming on the brakes when we reached the middle of the bridge! (same cousin that took me on a motorcycle cross-country track in grandmom's Vega wagon...Yeah she's nuts; my favorite cousin!) Wow; we would bounce up and down a couple of feet! Granted, this bridge was not nearly as high up as this one, but it was fun !
Arlington Washington
Drive-thru stump 1931/32 when the 20 Millionth Ford traveled state to state to all the Ford dealerships.
The Giant Cedar Stump was tunneled through in 1916, moved to the shoulder of Hwy 99 as a drive-thru photo-op in 1939, then moved to its current spot, an Interstate rest area, in 1971, where it survives as a walk-thru attraction. FB_IMG_1588395084667.jpg