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Since all of us are hunkered down what's everyone up to?

pulled the motor and trans out of my kids 29 this weekend. it had a 153 Chevy 4 cyl and automatic. picked up a 2000 S 10 with low miles, going to put in the 2.5 with the 5 speed stick , make it A little more fun....
Since I moved out of my shop a few years ago , I took this time to go thru my art file cabinet and eliminate a lot of old items that are no longer relevant . Also I have a lot of framed automotive wall art that I'd like see go . Karpo's day trip looks like a much better time than mine .
Messed around in the garage, put new headlight in the ss trailblazer, took the roadster for a drive with the wife (sorry no pics. next time) trying to gather some shots of past shows to post.


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Going thru stuff ! Selling off some car parts and other 'valuable stuff' to raise $$$ and free up space for my '34 3-w project.

Also I'm going to be working on that Honey-Do list LOL....Happy wife, happy life !