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Since all of us are hunkered down what's everyone up to?

Since I moved out of my shop a few years ago , I took this time to go thru my art file cabinet and eliminate a lot of old items that are no longer relevant . Also I have a lot of framed automotive wall art that I'd like see go . Karpo's day trip looks like a much better time than mine .
Messed around in the garage, put new headlight in the ss trailblazer, took the roadster for a drive with the wife (sorry no pics. next time) trying to gather some shots of past shows to post.


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Going thru stuff ! Selling off some car parts and other 'valuable stuff' to raise $$$ and free up space for my '34 3-w project.

Also I'm going to be working on that Honey-Do list LOL....Happy wife, happy life !


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I've got 40 years worth of paperwork to shred! 40 years worth of toys to put on Ebay...by the way Mecum is starting to auction model cars and literature,,,,,,,wow! And IF everything gets cleared out....somewhere in that garage is my 32 roadster that needs finishing....... All I need is TP and coffee!
I'll send you some TP AND coffee if you'll send me some hot rod parts !!!!
I work for a local City in Orange County "Home of Mickey" guess which one, our City Hall is closed to the Public, our Department Construction Services is business as usual, glad to be working but precaution is key, wish I had something in the garage so I can spend my home time on some fun. glad to be working with a healthy Family.
I've heard that this could go through August. We're questioning CAR WEEK and the Pacific Grove Show. Personally, just me, I probably needed this time to come to grips with the TOO MANY half-done never finished projects around the house and (definitely) the shop! It's forcing the issue.....like being in the hospital with no sub-contractors calling! Quiet time for me is good. I'm taking one project every couple of days and gettin' it done. Also loading Ebay with the toys that have been stacked up in the office for years. Bring on the coffee........................