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Words are from the article of Hot rod Magazine january 1952:

During the day, Roy Desbrow works at Mitchell's Muffler Shop in Pasadena, Calif. but in his spare time he works on his 1932 chopped and channeled Ford pick-up. Roy's friend, Tom Noel, formerly the owner of custom body shop in Kansas City but now in the army, did much of the body work while on a recent furlough.
The car was built for the general utility with occasional trips in mind. The first of these trips was to the recent Bonneville Nationals, via Yellowstone National Park.

Roy's pickup has been channeled 5 1/2 inches, chopped 4 inches. It's paint, by Tom Noel, is a '50 Merc cream.

Pickup bed is covered with tarp;sides are lined with heavy plywood. Rear tires are 8.20x15; fronts are 6.70x15.

3 3/8 by 4 1/8 inch Merc block has Winfield cam, is ported and relieved; will soon be equiped with heads, manifold.

Front bumper is '41 Ford. Lights are sealed beam. Grille, shell are chopped just below pan between frame horns.

Woven nylon upholstering and gray mohair headlining by Bob Lee. Seat cushions are solid, shaped, foam rubber.

Front axle, spindles are '41 Lincoln. '41 Ford wishbone is split, strapped to frame. Car has swaybar at front end.

Car has Mitchell headers, dual fiberglass packed mufflers. Brakes are '41 Lincoln. '40 Ford rear end has 3.78s.

'48 Lincoln overdrive and transmission with column shift were installed by cutting driveshaft and torque tube. Steering gear is tubular; rear engine support is 3 inch channel. 1932 pedal assembly is used. Radiator core is honeycomb type.
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What a beautiful pickup ! Mr. Desbrow must have driven it a lot, as told by the undercarriage pics. That's how I like them !