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Re-building a Vicky AKA....."Too Much Trouble"

Really hasn't changed much since you got it from me. Ha Ha You are amazing I wish I could do half as much as you. Keep up the outstanding work.:cool:
I had been looking for a full set of those for a while and picked up a full set on E-Bay recently. I also found 2 partial sets on craigslist. They are a cool set of gauges and now about 25 years old. Perfect for that Vicky project!
Just trying to figure a nice way of laying them out so that the tach and speedo are side by side, so the eyes face each other.
I also picked up a set of the very 1st edition of Moon gauges made by Classic from the same sale. 4A73E7DB-C929-4DC4-BB48-AC4E10F21100.jpeg