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On the Road with DKP

Dave Galassi has way cool shop parties. Once, he took a few of us on an old house tour in Pasadena where we got to walk around inside three nice mansions. I remember the second
home belonged to either Rand or McNally of map fame. The last home was where the TV series Benson was filmed... the top floor contains a massive train layout!

galassi-19.JPG galassi-20.JPG galassi-35.JPG galassi-22.JPG galassi-23.JPG galassi-25.JPG
great shots
reminds me of my VW days in our club "Flat Four Club" we had maybe 40 members
my old girl went to heaven after I sold her and she got T-boned at a set of lights

Bev 2_0002.jpg Blu 1.jpg
A few more pics from the past... the first from a Bug-In at OCIR sometime in the '70's with Rick Meisner's bus and John Lazenby's '63. My wife and I
logged a lot of time on the backseat of John's rig! Nice setting up out in the dirt. Meisner's bus was the backdrop for the second pic.

misc-1.jpg misc-2.jpg
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Keith Seume is a photo-journalist who lives in England and has written a number of books on the Cal-Look scene; he's also a club member. He even
had his bright blue Bug shipped over in 2011 for the hell of it! That's him with the cool red nose ring. Greg Aronson has plenty of history with DKP
and is a long time friend who built the Tar Babe drag car.


misc-10.JPG misc-14.JPG misc-11.JPG misc-4.JPG misc-3.JPG
A few more odds and ends... BRM wheels were originally sold through EMPI and were made of magnesium; they're also extremely rare and VERY expensive.
Flat Four of Japan reproduced them in aluminum later on... much easier to take care of! Troy Palmer got a photo-shop job on his rig I like! Ken Jevic models
a DRF club shirt from the past. Cars in the driveway... gotta be a party goin' on or at least some screwin' around, right?!?

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