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Oldsmobile's F85 J-TR show car was first shown at the 1963 Chicago Auto Show. The "J-TR" was one of those modified production show cars that eventually was returned to Oldsmobile after it completed its auto show assignment. Seems very hard to believe that the car-guys at Oldsmobile actually dismantled this very drivable, custom F85. Someone has the "J-TR" in their barn. FB_IMG_1583508205074.jpg FB_IMG_1583508208561.jpg
FB_IMG_1592212513278.jpg FB_IMG_1592212503970.jpg FB_IMG_1592212534654.jpg FB_IMG_1592212529316.jpg FB_IMG_1592212550491.jpg FB_IMG_1592212539544.jpg 1961 Dynamic 88.
Blown 394 (bored and stroked) with mechanical cam.
TH400 from Ross Racing.
Narrowed rear end, dutchman axles 3:90 gears with Posi.
Centerline Boulevard Wheels 18x8 front and 20x16 in rear on airbags.
Full leather interior.