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Barn find........would we not all want this one.......

here is the story from a FB user

My dad built this Falcon back in the mid 70's and did some drag racing with it, as well as driving it on the street. Ran close to 11 flat at around 128-129 mph on slicks with a toploader. It's buried under boxes in his shop waiting to be resurrected. Probably won't see another one with a 427 SOHC around. barn1.jpg barn2.jpg barn.jpg barn3.jpg barn4.jpg barn5.jpg
Another car that came through Musseys L-72 427 4-speed '69 Bel-Air. They really didn't advertise it as such, like Nickey or others did in the states, but Musseys sold a LOT of musclecars. According to my cousin Jackie, and other guys I have talked to, you would go through Buck. Buck Kinney was actually working as a mechanic there, not a salesman, but guys would go in, ask for Buck, and he would do up the order for you.

A buddy of mine had a '68 385hp 427 formal roofline SS427 Impala, we made that car into a street/dragrace car, really pretty much butchered it, although the car was on the rough side. But it was VERY fast, wound up running 10.20s@131 in full street trim, at 4200 lbs. It really raised a lot of hell on the streets around here. He was getting the machine work done at Jimmy Richmonds place, they were also running customer cars against us in CPSA Real Street at Mission. I kept telling the car owner not to tell them so much about what was in the motors. It was a low buck deal, 509 with ported iron chevy 990 heads, all the guys we were racing against were running Brodixs and stuff, and we were beating them with heads we bought cheap off a guy we were racing against because "they were obsolete":rolleyes:. Jimmy and Eric kept telling him I was "overcamming" the motors, and I kept telling him to shut up, and not talk so much, we held both ends of the class record and I wanted to keep it that way. We were running in a class with a 10" DOT tire restriction, and I was deliberately overcamming the motors, to kill some power at the converter flash point and get the car out past the tree without spinning the tires, and pick it back up down track. Anyway, I kept telling him to just keep his mouth shut and not talk so damned much, I didn't want Jimmy and Eric to start thinking too much about why we were beating them if we were "doing it wrong".
At one point, we decided to buy a day of dyno time, I wanted to test some carbs and try some different cam positions. The motor spun 768 on the first pull, with our so-called "junk heads" and a supposedly "all wrong" cam. As soon as the readings flashed up, Jimmy and Eric got REAL quiet, no one was saying anything. A week later, we were at the track, and Harry Lockerby (he was Jimmys main "shop" car) drove by us, and I could tell immediately they had plugged a new, much bigger cam in it.:cautious:
Here is a photo of long time S/Stock racer and multiple record holder Buck Kinney's last racecar, which was purchased from Hoffman Machine. A twin to this car was sold at Barrett-Jackson for big dollars a couple years ago.