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I was originally going to look into cutting the cowl off of it to build a phantom woodie out of and sell the rest off. Now that I’ve been staring at it for a few days I think I can save it. I bought it super cheap so I don’t have much to loose and really all I can do is improve it.

I’ll do a thread as it starts coming together.
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Here's a photo the v8 club took of me and a 4-door survivor I had and brought to the Central National meet in Nashville in 95. I found it on a tip, guy said it was a 33, when I arrived I discovered this. An old lady named Tilly bought it new, had a new gennie 32 v8 installed at the dealer in 49, 001.jpg stopped driving it in 50. Right rear fender was damaged, I replaced it with a great used one, got it running, changed all the fluids etc... I had to pay $1700. for it then. Was a great deal. It won The Rouge Award at the event.