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Funny pic! It reminds me of one of my friends while in college. He was a photographer for the student paper. Another photographer took a pic of a great play on the field, right in front of my friend. My friend is in the pic in the background; gawking with his camera down at his waist. Nevertheless my friend did not become a sports photographer...
iIlove flat bottoms......but even under 80 mph.........anything can (and HAS!) happen(ed)! Like drag racing. It's a rush...........right up to that one point!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I sure do know that. It wasn,t fun watching our owner/driver leaving the beach, in the Air Ambulance, after a 140 mph nose in.😥 The top of his helmet was missing, thanks to a blown big block Chevy clipping the top off, as it drilled him through the deck of the boat. We did build him a hydro soon after he was out of hospital.