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magazines...going going gone.....

Does anyone know if the publisher is going to convert subscriptions over and add to the magazines that are left( Hot Rod ,,, Motor Trend ,etc.) SUCH AS when Rod & Custom went out, they added or extended to your subscription to Street Rodder , etc. ?
call ten they are refunding some of the remaining sub money call 1-877-485-6429 --it may take a couple try's -they will answer

The Jam Up full print books are in!
128 page pic books,hardbound and VERY limited quantities.
Why?... our venue JACKED the rent 100%.... GET ONE.... (or two) Inquire at jalopyjamup@gmail.com
$60 bucks Canadian OR $45 bucks US...S+H extra....

This is our 7th year and we have compiled this book from the very first show till the present.
Operators are standing by...
Killer tunes by Mark Malibu and the Wasagas.

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I just received my 1st magazine of my subscription to Speed & Kulture (issue #2) in the mail. They have done a great job with the quality of the magazine, with great photos, etc. Highly recommended !
I think this is the latest explanation :

All subscriber copies of TRJ #83 were mailed nearly two weeks ago, and we’re glad to hear that so many of you have received them. Even if you haven’t, you should be getting yours soon. Thus far, the response has been positive about the magazine and the poster, but we’ve been getting some questions about the brown paper envelope. So what’s the story there?

Right as the issue was leaving the printer, our longtime mailing house in the San Francisco Bay Area shut down due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the white envelopes were already there, primed and ready to go. Rather than waiting for the mailing house to open its doors again to recover the envelopes, we located a different mailing house, shipped the magazines across the country, and got them sent out as soon as possible—even if that meant using a different envelope. These were the only envelopes that we were able to come up with in such short order.

The good news is that the majority of magazines and posters were handled with care by the United States Postal Service. We would like to thank subscribers who contacted us about any snags with the system. Thank you for your patience, for we are currently operating at limited capacity due to health and safety restrictions.

At this point, we have limited quantities of TRJ #83 remaining. Stay tuned, because we have more updates on the way. To help you pass the time, we’ve uploaded our next Free Feature of the Archives. Check it out below.

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I've been a subscriber since day one and in that time frame they're probably a couple of years off schedule as a quarterly .
I have a lifetime subscription.I didn't sign up for two a yr..What really piss me off is that thay sell Back Issues for $5.That's 20 a year.I don't see them lasting another year.Anoher thing there posters suck.Give me apull out from Car Craft Hot Rod,
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I hope that Rodder's Journal doesn't go belly up as I just bought a lifetime sub last year. THAT would be a bummer.

I am grateful that there are people still willing to give it a go. Speed & Kulture is a pretty good magazine. The old old R&Cs, Hot Rods, Car Crafts, etc, have plenty of great pics & stories in them as well, and you can get good deals on them if you buy in bulk off of eBay.