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magazines...going going gone.....

Does anyone know if the publisher is going to convert subscriptions over and add to the magazines that are left( Hot Rod ,,, Motor Trend ,etc.) SUCH AS when Rod & Custom went out, they added or extended to your subscription to Street Rodder , etc. ?
call ten they are refunding some of the remaining sub money call 1-877-485-6429 --it may take a couple try's -they will answer

The Jam Up full print books are in!
128 page pic books,hardbound and VERY limited quantities.
Why?... our venue JACKED the rent 100%.... GET ONE.... (or two) Inquire at jalopyjamup@gmail.com
$60 bucks Canadian OR $45 bucks US...S+H extra....

This is our 7th year and we have compiled this book from the very first show till the present.
Operators are standing by...
Killer tunes by Mark Malibu and the Wasagas.

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I just received my 1st magazine of my subscription to Speed & Kulture (issue #2) in the mail. They have done a great job with the quality of the magazine, with great photos, etc. Highly recommended !