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magazines...going going gone.....

TEN Publishing, the publisher behind enthusiast magazines like Motor Trend, Hot Rod, Automobile, and a lot more, has announced it is shutting down print operations for 19 of its 22 titles next year.

The three remaining titles that will continue to publish in print are Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler, according to a memo from MotorTrend Group president and General Manager Alex Wellen seen by Folio Mag.

Back in 2017, Automobile Magazine underwent a very questionable relaunch that evidently was not enough to keep it alive.

Here is the full list of the 19 publications ending their print run.

  • 4-Wheel & Off-Road
  • Automobile
  • Car Craft
  • Chevy High Performance
  • Classic Trucks
  • Diesel Power
  • Hot Rod Deluxe
  • Jp
  • Lowrider
  • Mopar Muscle
  • Muscle Car Review
  • Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
  • Mustang Monthly
  • Street Rodder
  • Super Chevy
  • Super Street
  • Truck Trend
  • Truckin’
  • Vette

TEN Publishing Co. announced today that it will discontinue publishing 19 of its 22 automotive print titles by end of year. MotorTrend Group provides all of the editorial and sales support for those publications. At MotorTrend Group, we remain committed to providing our fans and advertisers quality automotive storytelling and journalism across all of our content platforms and we are doubling-down on our best-in-class digital product experiences, while maintaining our support of the three most popular, profitable and strategic brands across digital and print – MotorTrend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler.​
well for my part they can shove the digital where the sun don't shine. I cant find stuff on here but I cand find a mag in a basket. just my 2 cents worth.


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This is a shocker! I will miss Hot Rod Deluxe; have been buying it for years, and Street Rodder has been around since the early 70's. But several of the other mags had so much overlap in content that I'm surprised that they lasted this long.

As far as why it is happening - opinions vary, but you can primarily blame it on the internet, where you can see pics and videos of events as they are happening. Instant gratification.
It's a bummer we are losing magazines to the internet, as i do like to have them in my hands. That said, it's pretty obvious to me that the "hot rod hobby" magazines have taken a turn from the things i use to enjoy reading about. Maybe cause i'm old and set in m y way's. I stopped reading Hot Rod long ago, i read Street Rodder for Brian Brennans column, and i will keep my TRJ subscription till hell freezes over.
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I'm afraid it goes way past just our little niche (hot rod) magazines. Other print media is struggling as well, including informative magazines and newspapers. It will be a shame when all our information (mis-information) will come from social media sites and the internet.



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What I've been wondering is how will the aftermarket businesses advertise ? I cannot imagine developing a new product for hot rods as a new business with little means to get the word out. And since Rodder's Journal and Hop Up are 'traditional-oriented' mags, if your new product is not 'traditional' it's going to be very difficult.

And with existing businesses with customer bases such as Lokar, Kugel Komponents, Brizio Street Rods, Pete & Jake's, etc., I can see them surviving for a while, but as generations come and go, the newer generations won't hear about them. Eventually, they too may have to close their doors if an advertising alternative isn't created.

But I think we will see alternatives to the major print companies soon. Rodder's Journal and Hop Up are small companies with little overhead, and are surviving. That may be the path. Other ways to create print magazines is found in the VW scene, a magazine which has no subscription cost, you pay shipping only. And of course a web-based magazine is a possibility. With a couple of partners, I attempted this several years ago (Traditional Speed & Kustom), but due to multiple reasons it didn't work out. Maybe now is the time ???
There are a number of car magazines not published by TEN, such as Car Kulture Deluxe and Ol' Skool Rods, Kustoms Illustrated, not to mention the new Speed and Kulture magazine, which replaces Traditional Rod and Kulture. It will be interesting to see what happens, that's for sure!
And yes, Tom, I'd say now is the time for Traditional Speed & Kustom. I would love to see it work out!
I know everybody's posted about this already, but it's taken me a while to process. Everyone is talking about print media dying, but we're also in the middle of a huge change in the hobby/craft/culture of hot rodding in general, to the point where I dont agree with most people's definition of what a "hot rod" even is anymore. But the magazines going away is a shot in the heart. My dad's life's work has been dedicated to this industry. He told me yesterday that he feels like they're killing his children. And our shop has been supported and elevated by the coverage and relationships we've had with these magazines and the people who put so much effort into making them. I feel for everyone who is affected by this shift. We'll all get over it and move forward and figure out how to engage with whatever path new media takes, but it's a tough pill, and a huge loss to all the generations who grew up with a magazine in their hands . Please support those that are still around. @hotrodmagazine @roddersjournal @hopupmagazine @rodandcustommagazine @streetroddermag @carcraftmagazine @classic_trucks_magazine @hotroddeluxemagazine @robfortier @timsuttonphoto @egeisertphoto @davidfreiburger
I have been fortunate to collect many old magazines and have organized them into a library. Many times during winter months I would go out and grab several years of old magazines and bring them in to read. I will still be doing that. I do not do social media with no plans to change that. i will miss whatever my friends have for lunch along the way. I have even noticed I dont get a new Speedway catolog every other week. It wont be long we will be bidding on NOS Bob Drake parts on Ebay. Life is changing. I will miss Street Rodder, Hot Rod Deluxe, as we all miss Rod Action, American Rodder and last and the best, Rod and Custom.


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There are a number of car magazines not published by TEN, such as Car Kulture Deluxe and Ol' Skool Rods, Kustoms Illustrated, not to mention the new Speed and Kulture magazine, which replaces Traditional Rod and Kulture. It will be interesting to see what happens, that's for sure!
And yes, Tom, I'd say now is the time for Traditional Speed & Kustom. I would love to see it work out!
Duncan - first, welcome back ! Post pics of that Nomad will you ?

BTT - regarding these magazines, I will be on the lookout for Speed and Kulture; they often had a cool hot rod or custom feature, plus some history. Kustoms Illustrated - I never see it on the rack unfortunately The other 2 - I look thru them at the newstand but rarely buy them. I have recently been seeing Canadian Rodder on the magazine rack at Barnes & Noble, and should have bought one... and I won't bother saying anything about Rat Rodder.

Now about Traditional Speed & Kustom - 1. I don't own the name. 2. The name was so similar to Traditional Rod & Kulture that people often thought we were related. On occasion I've been looking for a software package for magazines that would work well with this forum software, but haven't found anything yet. (if anyone has some ideas please send a pm). I haven't given up on the idea but it is simply not a priority right now. Too much family & work stuff going on right now.


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Also, I was thinking about this a bit more, while looking at the HUGE magazine rack at Barnes & Noble. I now don't believe that the demise of these aforementioned magazines can be blamed solely on the internet. Print is NOT dead and I don't see it dying off for quite a while. I counted over 50 car enthusiast magazines at B&N and they don't carry all publishers. There's probably another 50 at least.

Oh yeah - take a look at Hot Rod. It was as thin as I've ever seen it. I'm more inclined to believe that TEN is responsible. They are losing money on these, otherwise this wouldn't happen. But WHY they are losing money is a question that I cannot answer, especially since so many other magazines appear to be doing just fine.
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I went to B&N this evening. It looked like they easily had over 1,000 magazine titles in the magazine section of the store. I counted more than 30 car and truck magazine titles that were not part of TEN. Different publishers, a wide variety of interests, most not hot rods and customs but several were. I would agree that likely it was TEN's management more than anything else.