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Looking for a braided cloth wiring kit

I've done a lot of internet searches but I can't seem to find anyone who makes generic hot rod wiring kit with braided wire. Trying to go for a more traditional look with my 26 roadster project.
I bought the kit from SVF. It's going to be costly just to have that braided wire look. They said this kit is based on rewiring a model A so I expect this to be a basic starter kit. They also sell the wire separately.
Here's a first impression of the wiring kit I bought from Sacramento Vintage Ford. It is exactly what I had in mind in that it is all vintage cloth covered braided wires. It uses crimp on terminal ends with shrink tube protectors and it also uses braided cloth cover for the wire bundles. It has glass tube fuses, I may or may not stick with that. Also has instructions for each section of the car to be wired. It even has a clever cartoon book of instructions. Here's a couple pictures. I will need to supplement it with several relays and additional wire which they sell separately. I think it is a bit pricey at $399. but it is very original looking and not a lot more than any other basic wiring kit. _MG_7561.JPG _MG_7562.JPG _MG_7563.JPG _MG_7564.JPG