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This is a shot of the JW Automotive Engineering garage during practice for their debut of the Gulf Porsche 917 at Daytona in 1970. Note the detail of the chassis number painted on the inside of the rear body panel - I wonder if Bruce Canepa included that on his restoration of #015! Also, can any of you Wyer/Gulf Porsche experts ID the man with glasses or any of the other people in this shot? I am sure it is not John Horsman since the next frame of this negative strip has him with David Yorke, and Horsman is wearing dark trousers and a dark sport coat, not a windbreaker. FB_IMG_1586888872102.jpg
O' Dark Thirty at Daytona in 1970. Dan Gurney stands in the light of the headlights as the gearshift is checked on his NART 512. I had been told by Dick Fritz, NART team manager, that Dan was "so strong, he broke the gear lever on the car" but Luigi Chinetti later admitted to Kirk White that there was a problem with the threads on the gearshift causing the handle to break off. White reported this in a letter to Mark Donohue about the prep of the Sunoco Ferrari 512 for the 1971 season. FB_IMG_1589756144922.jpg