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This stuff isn't mine, I saved photos of it because I am thinking about trying to build something similar.

As a starting point, I have a Glenwood Marine FE timing cover

and a 6" long hex pump driveshaft, a tach drive Accel FE dual point, and an Enderle pump suitable for a blown gas application

I am thinking I can take an old stock FE cam, cut the end off with the distributor gear and last cam bearing journal, and drill a half inch hole through the center on Dougs lathe, and mount it to my pump driveshaft with a hardenened taper pin, get a piece of aluminum tube that has the right id to accept a fe cam bearing, press the cam bearing into the end of the tube to support the stub, and drive the pump off the end. Then you just need to tig on a second tube at a right angle to mount the distributor. The only thing that concerns me is the load on the crank snout from running the blower drive pulley far enough out to clear the distributor. Mating the hex drive to the end of the camshaft is synchronicity itself, it just so happens that an allen head FE cam bolt is the right size to accept the end of the hex drive!
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This is kind of a cool piece, and a neat story how I wound up with it. I bought a 9" housing off Craigslist, it was across the river in Maple Ridge, and since my brother lives over there, I got him to pick it up for me. So he brings it over to my place, and he is holding his hand behind his back. he says, "I bought something else for you, I figured for $10, you would probably want it" and pulls this out from behind his back!

It will need some effort to make it functional again, but I plan to use this on the small block falcon with the XF-8 in post #3. I also have a pair of 14x6 fenton ram rod five spokes for the front, plan to set it up a little jacked up in front with redlines on the front, and 15x6 chrome reverses on the back with M&H G-60s and a t-bolt bubble trying to make it look similar to a car across the street from my elementary school in 1968. (for 29bowtie, the car across from my school was Wilf Haddens old car)

Plan to run this with it too, $5 swap meet score, an accel super coil with the first generation decal. Break out your bell bottoms...
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Just throwing this out there, I am looking for a pair of gilmer pulleys with a 2-1 ratio and a shaft diameter of around 7/16”. I am overseas right now, the McMaster Carr website won’t work for me, just curious if anyone knows of a source for these parts?
EDIT: it’s all good, I was able to log into McMaster Carr, and they have what I am looking for. Wierd, I could NOT log in to MC on the mainland, now I am at a resort on an island about 30 miles offshore, logged in no problem.
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