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John Siroonian's Phaeton


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from his Obituary (John passed away in 2008):
John will be remembered by many for his accomplishments and successes in the wheel business. He was a true Horatio Alger story. John started making wheels in his garage in his early years and through his perseverance and determination he made Western Wheel one of the greatest success stories of Fresno in the late 1970’s.
After selling Western Wheel to Rockwell International in 1977, John went on to become a land developer and health club owner. He had several businesses including a truck brokerage, chrome wheel plating, engine pistons and a property management company.
John had many interests and was an avid collector. He was widely known for his car collecting of 1932 and 1934 Ford and Phaeton Hot Rods in addition to 1965 and 1967 Corvettes. His passion for all things related to cars extending to racing. John raced many things, from hard tops at Kearney Bowl in the 1960’s to Blown Fuel Hydro Boats in the 1970’s and Sprint cars in the 1980’s.

This phaeton was built in 1978 by Don Thelan.