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Hot Rods Improved with Powerful Engines
by Jim Ciardella
In 1984, Ferrari of Los Gatos sold a third Ferrari powered ’32 Ford, a roadster under construction, to James Ells. James had famous California hot rod builder Roy Brizio finish it. Although similar to the Deucari, the Brizio roadster became longer, leaner and lower.
Both the Burnett/Magoo Deucari and the Ells/Brizio roadster frames were stretched to accommodate the long, “Italian Stallion,” V12 engines. The Deucari 365 GT 2+2 engine is fed by three 40 DFI carburetors, while six sidedraft twin-choke Weber carburetors deliver fuel to the thirsty 365 GTB 4.4 L engine known as the Tipo 251.
The third Ferrari powered ’32 Ford, a roadster owned by James Ells, and built by Roy Brizio, entered the 1987 Oakland, California Grand National Roadster Show and won the “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” (AMBR) award. Two of the three Ferrari powered cars Brian Burnett and Ferrari of Los Gatos started ended up winning the prestigious AMBR award.

James Ells 1987 AMBR Ferrari V-12 Deuce. Roy Brizio built (3) .jpg