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I posted this back before the “crash” but I REALLY feel everyone should have seat belts in their rods... SO I’m going to post this again. I started with a Juliano’s 3-point retractable seat belt system. Used it for awhile and found it to be not quite what I needed in the confining space of a ’32. The male end of the latch was always hanging down on the back of the seat. (had to move it to get seated AND it didn’t look all that great when not in use.) The female end of the latch was always in a big jumbled mess in the middle of the seat. (again you had to straighten it out each time you got ready to sit. ) And with my aging shoulders it was hard to find and hook the latch together. I enjoy going to the wrecking yard and getting OEM stuff off of newer cars and making them work on my rod. I found that the Jeep Cherokee had the male and female parts I needed to make my conversion . If you look at the following picture I think you’ll see the difference. No more snakes in the seat… get in and hook up. No more adjusting the male end to the right length. (no fuss no muss) "Try it you’ll like it .” 1. Don’t put it off ! 2. The look of the Juliano’s 3-point seat belt. 3. The Cherokee female parts. ( passenger rear center ) 4. The male parts. MAIN THING IS GET SOME BELTS IN YOUR ROD !

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I would like to install a power trunk lift in my '32 Roadster, any recommendations for a kit to do this. Photos of what you've got would be great too.
My 32 came to me with a linear actuator trunk lift. Has a power window type switch under the dash to control up / down motion. Needs strong support structure in the fender area of the trunk to hold the actuator. Sorry no photos.
This year I added a key fob remote switch so I can open trunk when not in the car.