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Gen 2 SBC in a 32' ford

Hello fellow rodders. I am building a 32' Ford roadster with a 94 camaro z28 sbc motor. Motor has been converted to carb and electronic distributor instead of EFI. I need to know if anyone else might have this setup as I need to know what type of alternator bracket will work with this setup. Any pics of this type of setup would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Kyle
You can barely make this one out in these pics but I’m almost certain any type bracket will work. Depending of course if you have the bolt holes in the front of your heads. I liked the way this one was down low and out of the way and will work regardless of the type heads you’re running.

2D8C49ED-2454-4E91-BC48-4145BF3F079C.jpeg 97A48019-0272-415E-ACC6-F63387A24FD8.jpeg 27D7A093-46A9-4B7F-86C0-0A0583FC4486.jpeg
The water pump on the Gen II is driven by the camshaft and the rest of the accessories are spun by serpentine belt.
It is possible, as you have mentioned, to remove the front mounted distributor and use a conventional small block distributor by removing the unique adapter that drives the oil pump, but the water pump, block and heads are odd, the water flows through the heads first and then block, unlike a typical SBC. For that reason you might be stuck with the Gen II serpentine belt, but of course you can remove the power steering pump, AC compressor, etc. that you might not be using. There may be a custom alternator bracket available but I’m not aware of one.
I wasn’t aware the engines were that different. I’m sure March has something that will work though. Here’s a link:


Truthfully however, I’m not so sure I would even run that motor. These cars are hard enough to make everything work on as they are. I think I’d run a traditional SBC or crate engine of some kind and forget about it.

Just my opinion of course.
Sounds like you have already gone to some trouble to get this motor the way you want it. Like Ron said, check with March, they have a lot of this stuff covered.
Ok guys, here is where I am at. I ordered a sbc gen 1 low mount alt. bracket this am. Should have it first of next week. ( see pic 1) Will see if I can get it to work. As far as swapping motors I am already committed to this motor, ( at this point in time, but nothing is carved in stone). Now have another question ( I already know I'm crazy, wife can attest to that) Has anyone swapped a generation 2 harmonic balancer over to a generation 1 type? Just for ease of pulley selection. maybe pics will show better what I have at present time. low mountAltBrkt.jpg
AFAIK the balancer is a direct interchange, all the bottom end parts in your Gen II LT1 would work in a Gen I block. The only thing I would check is the clearance at the rear of the balancer to the LT1 timing cover. The cover looks like it might be deeper than a Gen 1 timing cover.
You will probably be on your own for a timing tab though.