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Ford Wishbone ID


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Many of you probably know how to identify the year of the Model T - 1948 Ford wishbones, but for those who don't have all of the facts, here ya go. I'll start off with some pics:

Model T

#1, The top one is a 1928-1931 Model A, The ball joint yoke was mounted really low in the chassis, so there is no caster built in.
#2, The second one is a 1932-34 end,.. (however the 1932 in stock configuration is all alone, the tube length is longer and the ball joint yoke is wider)(note: the ball joint was mounted much higher in the chassis and there is caster built into the wishbone wrist)
#3,The third one is a 1935-1940, with the front spring hanger cut off, Almost impossible to figure exactly what year it is, but there were some diffrences, 1935&36 had a curious bend in the spring hanger arm, 1937 -1940 were virtually identical.
#4,The last one, 1941/1946-1948 has the dip in the wishbone near the front.
NOTE: in this picture the 1935-1948 Wishbones, all have there spring hangers cut off, which was originally part of the forging.


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1932: 47.5" center of ball to center of perch hole, 1933-4 45.5.
Model A is MUCH shorter, all later will have extensions for forward spring.
The centerline perch-to-perch dimension on the bottom side is 37 inches for both A's and B's. The centerline perch-to-ball dimension on the bottom side is 39 inches for the Model A and 47-1/2 inches for 1932.
The 1933-34 wishbone is not pictured, but its centerline perch-to-ball dimension measures about 2 inches shorter than the 1932, or about 45-1/2 inches, and uses the same rear forged yoke as the 1932.