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Dune buggies

You got that RIGHT!! The drive out to Glamis is 220 miles from our house... by the time we got there, Sharon (my wife) and I were always on the edge of our seats with anticipation. The big trailer slowed things down considerably... much easier with a lightweight open trailer (but no place to hide if it rained). We'd leave after work Friday afternoon and four hours later, be in the sand with any luck. That first ride in the rail on Friday night was always an eye-opener... scary SPEED in the dark with just the two of us! Then, back to camp for a beer or three before crawling into the back of the truck to bed. Up early the next morning, eggs, coffee... six beers in the cooler and off we go for a day filled with blasting around huge dunes, a visit to Oldsmobile Hill, a stop at the Glamis Store to sit in the shade and see all the stuff people drive around in... then retracing back to the truck for an afternoon nap. On really hot days, the American Canal is close by for a quick dip... the BEST!

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