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Hard as it is to believe...you have surpassed all your previous post!! Amazing how many Deuces there are in the world of hot rods, and how you are able acquire all the pictures is amazing, I don't know where you find the time to put this all together... but THANK YOU!! and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours
I have a lot of little Elves.;)Merry Christmas to You & your Family.
Greg VanRuden's 5w coupe.
Greg VanRuden's Henry  (3).jpg
Greg VanRuden's Henry  (4).jpg
Not going to happen tomorrow. Because of Christmas being in the middle of the week, the shorter poly locks won't be in until Monday. So, today I made the fan mount for the radiator, and had Jay machine the back side of the top blower pulley to move it back towards the motor 1/2 inch. Tomorrow I'll cut the spark plug wires to length and install the dist cap ends. I can also make a temporary mount for the coil and MSD box and set everything up to get ready to run. So, one more week. All good.