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Godspeed Julian.
Did he also own the Bud Bryan AV8, or am I mistaken?
Yes he did/does.Striper introduce me to him when I was down for Fathers Day's 50th & with open arms Julian shared some of his stuff.Little did I know the GNRS this yr would be the last time I talk to him.1 of those guy's that made you feel like you've known for a long time.He loved those hot rods.His.
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We lost 1 of the good guy's.RIP Julian Alvarez
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I will truly miss my good friend Jules , as he was one very special man . When I was building my roadster and was starting the painting process , he tells me that he wants to do the rubout . I said " Jules buddy I appreciate the thought but I can't afford you ." He says , who said anything about money . Well , when I finished the paint Jules shows up and spent the next two weeks massaging my car like it was his own to a finish that was beyond perfect . He was a class act if ever there was one . I will always remember him driving by my shop in one of his many hotrods on the way to Art and Mike Chrisman's shop ( around the corner) and stopping to tell me that he had a bag of fresh tamales and to get my ass over and get some before those guys would eat them all . RIP my friend .