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Darrell Vittone

Word is, Darrell passed away yesterday. I'm thinking he was 76. I feel fortunate to have known him as a good friend since the early 70's. He will be missed.

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A few more pics of pictures from the past taken at the Schley's museum... The big guy is Jim Bentley, Darrell's "crew." In the early '70's, I went to work at Sierra Porsche / Audi
in Riverside as a parts technician. Not long after I started there, I met Darrell as a customer at the front counter one day; he'd just purchased a used '72 911S. We soon became
friends and I quickly got to know a lot of the Riverside VW "car guys." Jim Bentley worked a stretch at McPeak's Paint Shop nearby and laid some pin striping on my Datsun truck.
Darrell's shop was next door and Chas Morse had a small fabrication shop past that. Chas did some beautiful work though he suffered considerably with arthritis before passing
away at a too-early age. Memories.

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