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Chromed carbs, master cylinders---parts that hold liquid question

Many times I've seen chromed carbs, master cylinders, brake cylinders, etc. You know, things with small holes or orifices and rubber seals that must be removed before plating. But you cant allow the insides to be plated.... What do you use to seal them up before plating???
Chrome is lazy and usually will not go into a small hole. I have a plated Master cylinder on my Impala and did nothing as far as masking goes. Just honed it and put a kit in it about 20 years ago
Okay, thanks! I'll have to try it. To me there's nothing prettier than an old 97 or 2g with that brilliant luster.....

Was nervous to try it on a carb, just because of all those little places.... and those little places are kinda important.
Talk to your plater and see what they recommend for carbs. Maybe blockoff plates would be the answer there. I plated a 4-71 blower once and made plates for the ends so the plating wouldn't build up on the inside. Good luck
Since I havent sent anything out to be plated before, I have to ask, wherever you dont want plated you just mask off like paint? I'm not arguing, just seems to me that the tape would wash or melt off.
I made aluminum plates for the blower I did. I would imagine the same would work for carbs? I have taped off threads and such before with elect. tape but they always wanted the taped area wire wrapped also because the tape wouldn't stick. I would talk to the plater and see what they have done in the past on carbs. If I remember correctly when I did that blower housing we had to use stainless fasteners to hold the plates on, something about steel not compatible with the process for plating aluminum... but talk to the plater, they will know best