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I felt I owe y'all an update as it was a posting on this forum that ultimately lead me to buying this car with such a neat history... in same family 75 years.
You might recall that it had a rather unique drive train when I got it. A 4 banger adapted to a 5 speed Ford trans with 8" Ford rear and 4 wheel disc brakes.
I tweaked the little banger and had a ball driving it around town... a lot of fun. But... hot rodders are hot rodders so I happened to run across a 65 Buick Riviera Gran Sport that had the original switch pitch turbo 400 transmission... on yeah, I did have to buy the Gran Sport and another 65 Riviera that had a 401 with 2 fours and a switch pitch trans as well... dang guy wouldn't just sell the Gran Sport!! I'm sure I'm the first guy to do such a thing.
It looks much better now than in this picture while it was still in the Gran Sport... but running!!
I'm pleased to report that I drove the car out of the garage for the first time under new Buick power on Sunday, May 5th, and drove it around the block with only exhaust manifolds. It really sounded sweet to me... but loud to everybody else!
I took it to the pipe shop last Friday and hope to pick it up tomorrow.
Call me "Happy Al."