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Bumped something start over-Bill did the channel, rear sectioning, over a new Outlaw chassis, with Jaguar XJ6 front end, and XKE rear. It had a stinker 396 against a turbo 400, I installed a new crate Gen V 502 crate motor. It was rough-rough in primer, no windows or regulators, no radiator, which had to be totally custom built, no wiring, no fuel tank, and no steering column. No dash, no interior and no seats. There's a lot of ironing out of all the sheet metal I had to do. The grille shell is two welded together, and the front fenders are lengthened. The rear fenders are modified at the tails to have a European MG style. The body was originally chopped with a torch, and gas welded back together by Bill. Remember, it was the early "50s"