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BF Goodrich Radial Truck T/A’s or other large rear tires for highboys.

BF Goodrich used to make the Radial Truck TA which worked great on the rear of highboy’s but they’re not making them anymore. Coker makes a 285/70/15 Silvertown radial which I like but the original 315’s were cooler.

What’s everybody running today on the rear of their highboy cars?

Here’s a few pics of the old tires.

Thanks in advance.


9159181C-BE26-4B17-9627-15A4D62A193E.jpeg 0842344A-7F57-4E10-AB15-C52D1C07FD71.jpeg A3B597C6-FE8B-4168-9AE3-DBF6DC34FB54.jpeg A461B1C2-252F-41BE-97B6-B85369EBA87A.jpeg
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I have a pair of 315 /70 15's on the back of my highboy. I bought them in 2002 and was told they were the last ones in Canada. A local tire shop found one in Winnipeg and the other in Toronto When I'm not using the car I put it on jack stands in order to try to make them last. Paid $600. Canadian for them in '02
^^^ I had a chance to buy a pair a couple years ago that supposedly only had a few thousand miles on them. They looked good but I ended up passing on them after reading some stuff on the web about tires over 10 years old coming apart.

I would probably chance it if I found a pair of NOS ones though. I’m pretty easy on tires and equipment but was scared of the unknown on the used ones.
Here’s some that are similar that I hear Hoosier is making now. I may go this route someday. I’m getting a little burned out on the skinny tire tradional vibe that’s on all the cars these days. No offense of course.

I stole this off the HAMB right after the thread got shut down for not being traditional enough. Ha!

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