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Alternator question

hello everyone. Cold, wet and miserable here in middle TN. I have a question that sure someone on this forum will have the answer to. I am looking at small one wire alternators listed on ebay. They appear to be the size I need to mount in the lower dr. side area of my sbc gen2 32' roadster.These alt. are only 35 amp output. I will only have lights and car stereo, maybe a small amp for direct draw. Battery will be located in the trunk. Question is, will 35 amp output be enough to keep my battery charged with the draw from my battery?
If you are running halogen headamps, they pull about 5 amps each, that is 10 amps, another 5 amps for tail lights and dash lights, if you add wiper motor or defroster motor you will be running at night in the rain without the battery getting any extra volts...... I personally would not go below 60 amp, and if you run a/c i recommend 100 amp......