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Ak Miller Roadster


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Courtey of Kustomrama:
Born Akton Moeller, in Denmark, he migrated to Whittier, California with his parents as a child. As a teenager, he worked in the Nixon family store, and he recalled that a young Richard M. Nixon often asked him to bring him a candy bar and to "help yourself as well."

Miller was a charter member of the Roadrunners car club, and he began his career racing on the Southern California dry lakes in the 1930s. The Roadrunners was one of the clubs that founded the Southern California Timing Association, and Miller served twice as their president. Miller was also a charter member of the National Hot Rod Association, and he served as vice president of the association with Wally Parks as the founding president.

Miller and a group of racing personalities were invited to the White House while Richard M. Nixon was the President. When President Nixon walked into the room he grasped Miller's hand and said "Ak, did you bring me a candy bar?"

Ak Miller's roadster featured IFS, a rarity back in those days. Heck, it is a rarity nowadays !
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