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This trucks looks great ! Never thought I'd like the '58s ever, but I'm starting to love those quad headlights.
I think it was before bowtie moved to Maple Ridge, a guy I knew named Sid Thomas had a '58 that was one of the baddest trucks ever. Red primer with 6 bolt chrome reverse wheels, screaming tunnel ram 355 with ported turbos and a BIG Crane flat tappet, super T-10 5.38s and a spool, this was about 1975/76, drove it on the street quite a bit. I only ever saw it make one pass. Broke the drivers side motor mount and pulled all the wires out of the alternator right as it launched, he stepped off completely, got back on it, granny shifting with the broken mount, and STILL ran an 11.70@122. SOLID high ten second street driven pu. In the mid seventies, that was REALLY something.