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'39 Deluxe- '40 Fords

Or was it this one???

This one was a '70s build that I traded my old rust bucket '54 F100 for. This one got a dropped axle, some de-arched rear springs and lowering blocks, relocated exhaust to run it through the frame, rewired, new front disc brakes and a wheel and tire change.

I only owned it for the summer of 2016, and sold it that September. It had a pretty hot 327 in it.

Wasn't much of a looker, and it had 2 too many doors, but it was a fun car to drive, and to be honest, I did find the extra doors to be quite handy. I'd be happy to own another mordoor. BeforeAndAfterStance.jpg
Those I got from PML ( yourcovers.com). Not cheap. Anyway they are corvette finned covers and removed the fins and then had them powder coated. I used PML covers because they are thicker and they don't have air pockets ..... They will bore the pcv hole.
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I don't know if I had mentioned it, but back at the end of November, my throwout bearing failed, due to some backyard engineering miscalculations. After a lot trial and error, I got it back on the street. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I also had a bad synchronizer on my 2nd gear, so it'll all have to come back out for a transmission refresh in the near future. Toying with the idea of swapping out the Saginaw 3 speed for a Saginaw 4 speed, and column shifting it, just for smiles and giggles.