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1932 Ford gas cap that doesn't leak

I saw this gas cap advertised on Yogi's (www.yogisinc.com I think) and I ordered one because it was advertised as non-splash. Search for gas cap vented.

My cap was part TC-32PV and was vented and cost $15.
Bad news was they charged me over $11 for shipping... they decided to send me a catalog I did NOT request which required a much bigger box.
Great news is I road tested it this evening and it worked great... no spilled gas and it was spilling gas before. Had over half a tank which was more than enough to spill gas before.
Just thought I'd pass this along.
As you can see, I managed to polish most of the old stains off of the tank. More work to do on the neck and at the bottom but looks much better than before:
Happy Al
I'm pleased to report that another rodder said a Stant #10625 fits well, too, and does not leak. $7.99 at Oreillys.
If you don't put a spare cap in your car, at least right down Stant #10625 on a piece of paper with Oreillys on it and put in the glove box or tuck it with the registration card.