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Great story.  love to see some pics of your remaining models and collections....Sounds like you have earned that retirement relaxation time...

Ditto.  I love the tale! 


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Re: Model Cars
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I use to go to the old D&J's in Campbell.1 of the best hobby stores I was ever in.
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Re: Model Cars
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The clamps...Omigawd, the CLAMPS! Simply amazing detail...Extremely masterful work. Prettier than the full size ones...

Falcon George: In 1978, I opened my shop in Campbell, CA.; (a small industrial 'section' 6 miles from San Jose city limits)
My regular phone was unlisted, so I talked to a Bell Telephone rep, explaining that I had a 'heckling' ex wife, etc.
She graciously entered me into the white pages under "Uncle Mike". Shop address was omitted, just the phone number was listed: 379-0442. The Olds guys loved it...
Talking to a very comely brunette at the 'Outlook'...she asked for my number, I said I was 'in the book'...
When she called, she was in awe. "You really ARE 'Uncle Mike'!" Superman or some such...LOL

I was into model cars in 1953. My bud Shannon and I were 'kit bashing' the 'Highway Pioneers' series cars in 1/32 scale. The 69-cent 'Hot Rod' ('32 channeled roadster) and the 'Jalopy' kits were good stuff, 3 or 4 kits led to parts bins for lots of cool stuff: A 1917 Renault Towncar body later got chopped off at the front doors, instant 'T' bucket!
Gradually, Revell came out with '56 Ford, Chrysler, (HEMI was perfect scale) '56 Buick (great scale 'Nail'!) even a Cad Eldorado. (engine also scale)
But when the 1/25 scale '39 Ford Tudor and then the '32 roadster came out? Wow, BIG stuff! (at least to our small hands by then)
AMT, Monogram, Revell...those were the Big Three! (and Paul Lindberg was right in there, albeit lagging in the 'scale dep't.'...)
Friends and self built many models, and were amazed when Rod & Custom magazine sponsored the 'Mail Entry' contest, the mag covered some months of photographing the models, and finally judging them.
The offices at 5959 Hollywood Blvd. were swamped with model cars: up and down the stairs, model cars were displayed on every step! Offices (6 of them) filled with stacked makeshift shelves full of models...Mostly 1/25, but also some 1/32. I say 'Many', but Budd Anderson ("The Kat from AMT") estimated over 2,000.
I sent in my Monogram '32 roadster. (fenders used to be molded to a thin frame, all one piece. I cut it into a highboy. Good job, the tires were sliced to a good scale width, then glued together in the treads...many other features, sadly my '32 was one of the thousand (or more) that wasn't to be returned.
Anybody else ever lose a model car and intend to build another just like it? Ha! Everybody? Right?

Hung the models up for a few years, (always kept a small stash, sometimes bought a new release of something COOL)
Opened my shop in '78, some guy waltzes in and asks me if I can do him up a hot rod, car's outside, take a look? aged '32 roadster, full fendered, faded red, nice...Had a SBC, wiring was terrible, '32 steering, '39 box, '40 rear. "Dago" axle looked like it was dropped by a blacksmith...front spring was rusty, car had High Miles!
We stepped into the office, and I drew a 3/4 view of his roadster as a highboy. He couldn't see it...(!) I'm no Van Gogh, but can draw a convincing picture!
He watched as I did a strict side view, but shook his head..."Can't quite see what you're drawing"... he could see it looked like a pic of a soapbox racer.
I told him to drop by in a week, I'd have my bud's '32 highboy for him to look at.
That day on my way home, I stopped by D&J hobbies, (Campbell, CA; my shop was 1/2 mile from there, it was on the way home)
They had a Monogram '32 roadster kit, same as "the one that got away" in the R&C contest.
I took 3 days to trim the fenders, shape the frame rails, (had to double-ply the rails, they were thin from the firewall forward)
Finally, the black paint. (red steelies, '40 Ford caps, black WAS 1979!)
I had it on a shelf in the office, the guy showed up one day after work...he walked in, and spotted it: "Hey, that's what I want! Exactly!"
We talked a bit, and the job got quoted, a deposit was left, and the guy's wife came and got him.
Thank goodness for Model Cars!
Some folks have a disfunction in one brain lobe that prevents comprehension of 3 dimensional illustration.
It was explained to me by a doctor customer of mine, similar to dyslexia... My chocolate Lab, Annie has a form of that.
If she's watching TV with me, and an animal in a movie 'crosses the screen', she will run to the side of the TV and look behind, to see where it went. Hard as I try, I can't explain it to her! (or she thinks I'm lying...)
My first ex wife 'got even' with me by burning every picture of every bicycle, car, and truck I ever had. (1963) Burned all my baby pics, too. Can't remember what she was so mad at, probably just jealous. (she never had a drivers license 'til we were divorced, come to think of it, she wanted my '36 Five window real bad...) By '65, she was gone.

So, I mentioned I was 'stashing' a few kits, for 'posterity'. Even stashed a few during second marriage, my collection was 'impressive'. Revell had gotten into the game pretty heavy by now, so I was buying on a regular basis. The ex was really bugging me now, (1972) and said "That 'new' '55 F100 goes or I do!" Welllll...Still have the F100, so thank God & Greyhound she's gone!

1978, new shop. Hobby Shop built over my 20' X 20' office, and had a new wife, beautiful, smart, great mechanic, and 13 years my junior.
She was blown away by the old pics my friends had of the hot rod years, some survived...but NO pics of my '32 Five window hiboy.
So... I started building some of the models of cars that I'd had. Wife Joey also had model building skills...
Slowly, we found time to sit down and do a little...but both of us worked the shop, me full time and Joey after work.
The Old Time Drags were going at Baylands ('Fremont', CA) so were we. Engines, chassis work, more engines...
Retirement has been a relief. Sort of.
Now we have a garage full of engines, machines, and even model airplanes. (control line; we both build & fly)
I'd love to take a pic of THIS hobby shop. (adjoins my living room) 800 plus model car kits, all 'special interest'...Model T's thru '48, mostly...but also some Shoeboxes, '53 Fords, '56 Fords, '63-1/2 Galaxies, most of the car models of what  I have and have had.
I used to build a lot, especially as a teenager. Still have a bunch of unbuilt kits in the cubbyhole under the stairs. Also have an N-scale 1950's Canadian Pacific layout I started, my daughter is on my case about it all the time, before I start digging into old car kits, I should work on that with her.
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Re: Model Cars
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An old one from many many years ago, early Olds/hydro from the Revell Thames with a scratchbuilt 6x2 log manifold

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Re: Model Cars
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I do still occasionally buy and build a model, this is an uber-rare MPC kit, I spotted it as a pretty crappy glue-bomb build in a box of stuff at a swap meet, and totally pulled it apart and rebuilt it, but I still have to make a buck from the original totally fucked up windshield, then vacu-form a new one over the buck, gotta make some new headlight covers too. Lots of work, but you just NEVER see this kit anymore. I plumbed the engine based on some old drawings in a late sixties R&T. It was a HELL of a lot of work to get it to this point. I bought the replacement decals from Fred Cady about 10 years ago, before he died.
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