33 to 36 Willy's

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Re: 33 to 36 Willy's
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Former Ron Rinauro Gasser
The current iteration is Pretty nice. Rinauros cars always ran hard. I think he later built a Dodge Challenger to run with the So-Cal "match gasser" circuit.
 Hope your having a great time there.What time is it ?

It's around 2pm right now. Having a good time, but recovering from getting a wisdom tooth removed. I get all my dental work done here, my brother-in-law is a plastic surgeon here, he knows the right people, I get very high quality work done with a "family discount". Soon, we will leave the big city here for a week in Que Nhon, which is our absolute favourite tourist town on the face of the planet. If you have seen Apocolypse Now, the famous surf scene was filmed on the beach in Que Nhon. It is BEAUTIFUL, the area along the beach is effectively cut off from the main part of the city by an area that was built by the French in the thirties, so the streets connecting to the main city are really narrow and old, so most people don't venture down there.
The hotel we always stay at faces the beach, the North & Southbound traffic along the beach front is separated by a really wide, heavily treed boulevard, the locals hang out there and play majoung and mend their fishing nets, and the local kids and dogs play there. It is a popular tourist area with the Vietnamese, but  the Russians and Australians haven't discovered it yet. We also know a lot of locals and some of the restaurant owners, my wife and her brother-in-law grew up there and know a lot of the local people. We really get treated well, we go bowling with locals after the alley has closed to the public and stuff, and get treated really well in the restaurants and stuff, it's really a fantastic time.


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Re: 33 to 36 Willy's
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Sounds like you have found a great spot.  I am envious.


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Re: 33 to 36 Willy's
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    The value of that car just went to zero , IMO
That's like redoing the "California Kid" and expecting it to retain it's fame!
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