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As much as I'd like to say I was there for the heyday of the Bug Optional VW class at Lions Drag Strip, I wasn't.  I'd been a member of DKP from the very beginning but had the bad luck of getting drafted in February of 1967 so I missed the two most important years of the class as well as the switch from being a show and shine club to one that drag raced at the track.  When I got out of the Army in 1969, I made up for lost time at Lions and raced there a number of times in my '63 sedan but by then the class was gone.  Here's a couple of pics (of pics in an album owned by original DKP club member Gregg Bunch)....

a)  Ron Fleming's '56...  a number of club cars sported the DKP Race Team Bug/O deck lid lettering
b)  Mike "Banana" Bonilla (tower side)... 
c)  Doug Gordon's '65 latter became The Underdog
d)  The pits... I remember somebody ripping off my muffler one weekend and getting to drive home "uncorked" >:(


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Thanks for the history, Red !


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nice old pict bro  ;)