Embedding Images in Your Post from a Picture Sharing Site (PhotoBucket,etc.)


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To embed images, you perform the following:
1. From your image host, when you have the single image displayed, there is usually a field called 'bbcode'; something like that.
2. highlight the field and copy it. the field usually looks like this, from your post:
3. Now, when making a post:
There is a button, just above the smiley faces (emoticons is what they're called) on the far left, looks like a very small Mona Lisa.  Click on it.
4. Paste the highlighted field from step 2 right in between the 2 ']['.  The mouse should be positioned there.
5. Click on 'Post' and you're done.
6. Note that you can have several images in your post using this method.  There is no limit.  Plus you can add text inbetween posts !


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Note that I am looking at using a Picture Sharing Site for ALL images.  I'll keep y'all posted.

deuce daddy don

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Tom,---Seems as tho when posting my pix on reply,---My pix is cut off about 2/3.
Whats up??------Don


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Post an example Don.

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