Bob Morris roadster


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Bob Morris roadster
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pics and story courtesy of Mike Hamm at

This Hot Rod was built in the 1990s by Bob Morris who used an original steel Deuce body and installed an Allen Jennings built 320 cid Ford Indy block with Gurney-Eagle heads and four downdraft Weber carburetors connected to a custom manifold. The headers were built by Mike Hamm. The Nickel Car gets its name from the liberal use of nickel-plated trim which matches the Halibrand Bonneville wheels.

The DuVall windshield is what is noticed first about this beautiful Hot Rod. Most Hot Rods have a fairly flat single piece of glass for the windshield.  The DuVall windshield is split in the middle with each side sweeping back with metal in the middle holding the two pieces of glass together. In the case here the metal is nickel-plated.

The three piece hood and the beautiful and unusual aluminum top were made by Steve Davis. Allen Jennings hand built the Indy-style gas filler car and he also performed much of the detail work including the hand made dash and the pedals. The chassis work was done by Pete (“P-Wood”) Eastwood of Pasadena, California.

This Hot Rod was painted by Don Thelen’s Buffalo Motor Cars, Ron Mangus handled the green leather interior and Ron Covell did some of the custom body work.


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Re: Bob Morris roadster
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It went up for the AMBR this yr.
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