Frank Currie's roadster


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Frank Currie's roadster
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Frank Currie’s 1985 retirement really just freed him up to do what he really liked: building cars and off-road vehicles with enhanced performance, like the roadster he built around a Ford Boss 429 “Shotgun” engine his sons had given him as a birthday present. He punched it out to and 930 hp and drove the car—which was a collaboration with Boyd Coddington, Marcel DeLay and Greg Davis—to Bonneville in 1998 where he merely swapped out the road tires, popped off the Hallock and dropped in a cage before picking up a 205 MPH time slip. He then reversed the procedure and drove the blown highboy to Detroit, meriting him a place in the record books as the fastest car to be driven to and from Bonneville and Hot Rod’s Hot Rod of the Year award.