the Jackman Brothers sport coupe


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the Jackman Brothers sport coupe
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"The Model B-50 Sport Coupe is one of the rarest of 32 Fords. Based on the 5-window coupe, a fixed soft top replaced the rear quarter windows and steel roof structure. only 2,911 were produced and the body style was dropped in 1933. Thus not many became hot rods.

An exceptional exception belonged to Tom and Harry Jackman of El Cajon, California. Their father, Tom Sr., had been involved with cars since the 20's and owned oval track race cars for many years. He got the boys started when they were 10 and 11 years old. After "some old junkers" their father bought them this car for $75. With instructions to "do the job right and stick to it", they tore the car down to  the last bolt and reassembled it three times. They felt building the car taught them "patience, thoroughness and the ability to be meticulous," as they wrote on the spec sheet of the show entry. Their work was rewarded when they won the Sweepstakes trophy at the San Diego Custom Car Show in 1959. They were then 16 and 17 years old.

The car appeared in Hot Rod Magazine twice, August of 1959 when it was black, and again in 1962. In its final form everything but the body and engine was chrome plated including the frame. Scalloped and pinstriped clear Plexiglass floorboards showed off the chromed transmission and detailed chassis components. The engine was a 312 c.i. 1957 Thunderbird Y-block with Isky cam and Edelbrock dual quad manifold. Individual chrome headers extended all the way to the rear bumper. Candy Wild Cherry paint and silver tuck and roll contrasted the white padded top and running boards. Chrome wheels and '50 Merc hubcaps were sometimes replaced by polished smoothed Halibrands. Ironically, the Sport Coupe won dozens of awards intended for roadsters."  - Greg Sharp


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Re: the Jackman Brothers sport coupe
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